Monday, June 25, 2012

A Christmas Commercial - the tale of Joostkra Zerberne

It was a chilly December 7th in 1988 when the wind makes such a howling that it takes your mind away from the TV, phone, homework or book. About 25 minutes after the sun had set Joostkra Zeberne was visited by a ghost of his most hated enemy - Joostkra was told that he would be visited by five American Ghosts of Christmases. He was warned for the next six days at the stroke of midnight a ghost would visit him. The first foretold apparition was the Ghost of Dead Christmas Trees, then on the next night the Ghost of Christmas Suicides, followed by the Ghost of Christmas Office Parties, and then the Ghost of Christmas Shopping, after that the Ghost of Fundamental Christmas, and finally the Ghost of Let's Crap Christmas.

"You have such a hate in you! Why do glee at the death of my people?" said the ghost of the most hated enemy of Joostkra.

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