Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe the Angel gets his wings

Michael the alpha angel sat down next to his studious cubby partner, Joe the angel. He reached out of his pocket and showed Joey the wings he was going to get after he'd pass his final test to become a general in Lord's army. The wings glistened like the stars and reflected light like most brilliant of sparkled diamonds. Yet were light as feathers. "Joesph we are going to an abandoned cave near an old entrance to the underworld. It is important that you listen to my every word for it is the word and will of God." Joes arched his back like pole and locked his eyes with Michael. "I am ready and willing to follow you will unto eternity." Michael's eyes turned from brown to a deep blue. Joseph heard the crash of waves as Michaels eyes sparkled. A deep sadness formed as if Michael were holding the ocean behind his gaze. It was simultaneously loving yet of the deepest loneliness that Joesph had ever felt. Joseph's heart sank and he felt like weeping and the Michael's eyes started to sparkle as it were snowing.